Collection: Computer Monitor Stands & Laptop Risers

Computer monitor riser is turning popular for a variety of reasons. A monitor stand is a useful tool, purpose-built to elevate your monitors to eye level and ease your neck & back pain while you are working at home or office. 

Why you may need a monitor riser and a laptop riser?

It naturally raises your monitor to a comfortable height. Putting an adjustable monitor riser on the desk is one of the quickest ways to build an ergonomic workstation. If you usually work with a laptop, you can get a laptop riser, which is more portable.

A monitor stand riser can not only elevate your devices but also create space on your desk, and provide extra storage room. The space generated underneath the monitor can be positively used. Moreover, some of the stands, such as 2 tier monitor risers, are built to be a desktop organizer.

What monitor stand risers do you have at WOKAMALL?

At WOKAMALL, we offer various monitor risers. A wood monitor stand is affordable and provides enough organize space; An acrylic monitor stand is transparent and can be used as a keyboard shelter; A metal monitor riser is adjustable and sturdy when placing heavy monitors on it; A laptop riser is portable, adjustable, and designed with a cool shape. Feel free to shop with us! 

Adding a monitor riser to your desk, making small changes to improve your overall wellbeing and productivity.