About WOKA

Working happier should be the right of all. So here we are!

Who We Are

WOKA mall is owned by OHOPE Development Limited, an international company founded in 2013. We focus on designing, developing, engineering, and producing a wide range of home and office ergonomic products and sell them online. In 8 years, we have been developing into a team of more than 200 team members with passion and enthusiasm in this business. And, we have developed our own fast and effective supply & logistic system that can save every unnecessary cost occurring in the process we hand the items to you in the shortest time.

What we do

Products:We offer premium and outstanding products like stand-up desks, standing desk risers, monitor arms/mounts, monitor stands, cheese boards, and everything that easy your life in the office or at your home! They are not just only durable and good-looking, but also simple and easy to handle to use to unlock their full potential function. Our products are sold directly to customers for home or office/business use, saving unnecessary costs from distributors or subcontractors.


Tech innovation: At least 30% of our revenue is spent on tech innovation and development every year. Any idea that inspires us to create a healthier and easier life or boosting productivity is valued in our company. Our D&R team members are dedicated to making the idea possible.


Supply & Logistics: We clearly know how an effective supply & logistic system matters to online businesses. To ensure the products be priced fairly and reasonably, we purchase our material globally. We have our warehouses in the West Coast, Middle America, and East Coast to ensure the most costless shipping and orders be delivered in the shortest time. As long as you are in the US contiguous states, your order will be delivered in 2-5 business days without weather/carrier delays.


Customer service:We stand firmly behind the quality and service of our products and we understand how important it is to keep our customers posted. Our professional specialists are ready to serve when you need us. Customers can contact us via phone call, or email for pre-sale, order tracking, tech issue, assembly, or installation, and your requests are guaranteed to be responded to in 12 hours.

Our value & mission

Customer Oriented: When customers need us, we exist and develop. Driven by customer’s needs, we are proud that our products meet their needs. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers, so our 30-Day-Worry-Free trial policy, free return policy, and excellent customer service back up every buying decision you make with us.

Our value & mission

Healthy and Eco-friendly: We believe our daily routine behavior makes difference to your body and health. Our flexible and convenient ergonomic office furniture makes it possible to refresh yourself from tired sitting gestures, bringing productivity and effectiveness. Our products are sourced from eco-friendly material and crafted in a way that can be recycled, minimizing the influence on our planet.

Our value & mission

Quality & Durability: OHOPE takes product quality and durability as our top priority. Besides thoughtful well-design, we believe the high-quality product is the very first one of the factors that guarantee the safe use of our product. In the development, all our team members use the products in our daily life and our feedbacks are reported to D&R Department to improve the design or modify the instructions/user manuals. We set the highest industry standards all-round test during the manufacturing from the beginning material inspection to packing.

Our brand


Rather than focus on making professionals more comfortable while at work, WOKA have put productivity and as our top priorities. By developing standing desk converters and electric standing deskswe empower our customers to break out of the workplace rut and become more productive. Standing desk comes with a wide range of benefits, but often with an expensive price tag. Founder Oliverwants to help professionals, startups and employees reap the happiness benefits of standing up and working, without having to succumb to the expensive price tags of traditional ergonomics furniture. WOKA standing desks means that you can have your very own standing desk station that is affordable, without compromising on quality.


If you are an IT or Software Engineer, Video Editor own your own Studio, Photographer, Coder, Gamer, Writer, most of your work have to be done on a monitor, which means you spend most of your work time with one or two monitors. In this case, flexible screens matter when you want to adjust it to be the most comfortable gestures, or you want to share screen with your colleague. Bearing this in mind, Mount Pro is proud to provide premium variants monitor arms that satisfy your needs and save the workstation space! We have single arm monitor mounts, two arms monitor mounts and also triple arms mounts supported by gas spring


A monitor stand riser is not just for placing a monitor on it. It can also be placed a laptop, a printer, document, subwoofer, or anything within its capacity. From materials, it can be made of metal, bamboo, wood, acrylic, or plastic. From structure, it has single tier, two tiers, or riser with drawer or with adjustable length. From quantity, it has one pack, two pack with the same height or different height. Zimilar provides various monitor stand risers. We have single tier metal monitor stand riser with star mesh for air flow, single tier monitor stand riser with drawer, monitor stand riser with U shape leg, two tiers acrylic monitor stand riser, and two packs acrylic monitor stand riser with different heights.
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