5 Creative Ways To Customize Your Workspace

5 Creative Ways To Customize Your Workspace

Creative ways to customize your workspace

5 Creative Ways to Customize Your Workspace

Office interior design will have an influence on your mood and productivity levels. The space where you choose to work, whether it be in a traditional office or a home office can do two things. One, it can lift your spirits and create a positive and calming place to work, or two it can be the one space that you are willing to spend any time in! While work-related stress can get you down, so can your office interior. So, to help you refresh your mind and revive your workspace for 2021, here are 5 creative ways to customize your workspace. From ergonomic office furniture to make working at a desk more comfortable, to adorable potted plants to boost your mood.

office coffee station

1: Office Coffee Station

If you’re a caffeine fuelled professional, why not create your own coffee station in your office? This woderful coffee corner will give you a positive reason to head into the office, as well as giving you a much-needed energy boost in the morning. You can keep things simple with a coffee machine and milk frother, or you could incorporate some coffee syrups, spices and snacks to get your morning off to a great start. A coffee station helps boost workplace moral, or if you’re remote working, is an act of self-care. By creating this daily treat for yourself, you are respecting and appreciating how hard you work, while topping up your caffeine fix at the same time.

Top office interior design tip: Keep an office coffee station free from clutter and make sure there is a trash-can close. Place the coffee station away from your direct line of sight, as it might encourage you to procrastinate. Consider giving each team member in your office a customized coffee mug as a little reward.

ergonomic office furniture

2: Ergonomic Office Furniture

Work will consume a vast amount of our time, so it is just of essence to invest in high-quality ergonomic office furniture. By upgrading your office desk from a standard wooden desk to a modern standing desk, you can unlock a lot of benefits of working while standing up. Burn additional calories throughout the work day and reduce shoulder or back pain by choosing a stand up desk. If a standing desk isn’t quite at your budget at the moment, choose a standing desk converter instead. This ergonomic office furniture will lift your laptop or desktop off the desk, allowing you to stand up and type away.

Productivity Boosting Plants

3: Productivity Boosting Plants

A massive office interior design trend which is highly beneficial to your health too, is having a green office environment. Welcoming Mother Nature into your workspace helps to instantly lift your mood, clean the air and boost both productivity and creativity levels. Invest in a handful of office desk plants and create a relaxing and zen office interior. One of the best office plants to have is Devil’s Ivy. This evergreen vine can come in light green and dark green varieties and is very easy to care for. Or if you’re really not green-fingered, try a couple of cactus plants dotted around your office. These types of plants actually thrive on minimal maintenance so make the perfect office interior design companion.

Calming Color Schemes For Workspaces

4: Calming Color Schemes for Workspaces

If you’re tend to becoming stressed out at work, consider creating a calming office interior through clever color schemes. Shades of blue and green help to create a more relaxed and peaceful office and will subtly help you to achieve mental clarity. If you lack motivation to work, add a burst of orange, red or yellow which can instantly lift your mood and give you a much-needed energy boost. Whatever you do, when it comes to customizing your office, don’t play it safe with white walls or beige furniture. Your office interior needs to reflect you, as well as give you plenty of visual stimulations to trigger your imagination and creative flare.

Surround Yourself With Meaningful Art

5: Surround Yourself with Meaningful Art

Last but certainly not least is meaningful art. One of the best office interior design tricks to make your workspace more meaningful and more bespoke to you through personal wall art. Professionally print travel pictures, family portraits or beautiful photographs that inspire you. Use wall art to create an aspirational masterpiece that will drive you towards your goals, or help you reflect on how far you’ve come. Travel photography is a wonderful way to remind yourself of good times when you’re starting to get stressed out at work. Family pictures are a great way to offer you casual reassurance that everything will be OK. Aspirational photography helps you to stay focused throughout the day and on your future goals.

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