5 Labor Day Gifts for Employees

5 Labor Day Gifts for Employees

5 Labor Day Gifts for Employees

Labor Day will fall on Monday September 6th this year and marks the creation of the labor movement, which is dedicated to the social and economic achievement of American professionals and employees. Without the hard work and perseverance of your team, the past year would have been almost unbearable. With travel restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing, Labor Day 2021 is your opportunity to show your appreciation for your employees. No doubt they have had a challenging year balancing family life and work commitments with Zoom calls and virtual meetings.

As things finally start to get back to normal, why not transform your office, enhance the workplace and give back to your dedicated and loyal members of staff. As Michael Jordan once said, talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships! So, here are 5 Labor Day gifts for devoted employees.

Gift the Benefits Of Standing Desks

1: Gain the Benefits Of Standing Desks

Ergonomic office furniture is a great gift for employees. Not only will a standing desk show your team that you are working hard to improve the workplace, but it will also help to enhance their performance. Working at a traditional desk for long hours a day can cause stress and pain in the lower back and upper shoulders. If the height of the desk isn’t quite right, you can be sure that your employees will be suffering from neck strain too. By investing in high-quality ergonomic office furniture such as a standing desk, you can help improve the way they work and minimize discomfort while at work. At WOKA, we are ergonomic office furniture experts and have an online collection of height adjustable standing desks to choose from. Check out this electric standing desk with a dual motor and memory preset controller.

Modernize Your Office with Monitor Mounts

2: Modernize Your Office with Monitor Mounts

If you work with graphic designers, software developers, or digital marketers, you’ll know how important multiple monitors can be for productivity. Being able to access data instantly, without having to close and open tabs or browsers can swiftly boost efficiency. However, having several screens on your desk can start to restrict your workflow. If you’re searching for gifts for employees, perhaps a monitor mount might just be the answer. Rather than take up your desk space with bulky monitors, use this innovative ergonomic office furniture must-have to lift screens off the desk and to your line of sight. Minimizing eye and neck strain, this is a great Labor Day gift idea for your top talented individuals.

Boost Productivity With Standing Desk Converters

3: Boost Productivity With Standing Desk Converters

If you’re not sure how your team will adapt to standing desks, give them the best of both worlds with standing desk converters. Far more affordable than updating your entire office with brand new pieces of ergonomic office furniture, gift standing desk converters this Labor Day. A wonderful gift for employees who are proactive, enjoy being up and about in the office and seem frustrated when sitting down for long periods of time. Now your team will be able to experience the benefits of standing desks, such as reduced back pain, higher energy levels, a productivity boost, but also relax and take the weight off their feet after a couple of hours. Complete flexibility, this is a sound investment no matter which industry you work in.

Create A Coffee Station To Reward Hard Work

4: Create A Coffee Station To Refresh

If coffee seems to fuel your office, a rewarding gift for employees this Labor Day would be to create a coffee station. By investing in a coffee machine, some novelty mugs, coffee syrups, and snacks, you can create your very own coffee bar in your workspace. We recommend this 2-minute brew coffee machine which can make espresso, coffee, or tea within a couple of minutes. Affordable and made to last, it even has an automatic self-cleaning feature.

Invest in Relaxation with TV Wall Mounts

5: Invest in Relaxation with TV Wall Mounts

Whether it’s lunchtime or a morning coffee break if you want to spoil your team and reward their hard work over the past couple of months, invest in the staff room. TV wall mounts will help to upgrade the common areas with flat-screen TVs that employees can use to play games, watch TV and relax while on a break. This is a great gift for employees if you are limited on space too, as you can introduce a large flat-screen TV without having to bring in bulky TV stands. Now add some bean bags or comfy chairs and you’ve got yourself a cozy and modern staff room that will support a social environment and give your team a place to get away from their workload and relax.

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