5 Smart & Creative Standing Desk Set Up Ideas

5 Smart & Creative Standing Desk Set Up Ideas

5 Creative Standing Desk Setup Ideas

Investing in a standing desk can help you to unlock a wide range of health benefits as well as boost your productivity levels. However, if you really want to make full use of ergonomic furniture, we’re here to reveal 5 smart and creative standing desk setup ideas. From creating the ultimate gaming station to installing a hammock under your stand-up desk for a quick nap, get ready to discover 5 stand-up desk hacks. You can thank us later!

Ultimate Gaming Station

1: Ultimate Gaming Station

If first-person shooter games are your thing, why not switch your home office to a gaming station, with a little help from a standing desk. Enjoy the complete flexibility of movement while playing a PC game standing up and burn some extra calories while you play. In order to create a gaming station, install a dual monitor arm on your standing desk, to give you a fully flexible gaming desk.

Hammock Standing Desk Solution


2: Hammock Standing Desk Solution

There is nothing quite like a mid-day power nap. Actually, most modern offices now have cozy corners where you can relax and even get some beauty sleep. Whether you’re working from home or heading back to the corporate office, why not upgrade your standing desk by adding a hammock underneath it. If you raise your standing desk to its highest point, you will be able to fix a hammock securely underneath, giving you a clever way to chill and let your mind wander. Sleep is vital for mental clarity and will help you to concentrate when working at your desk. If your office is too noisy for a couple of minutes of snoozing, use the hammock to take the weight off your feet and read a book or catch up on emails. The power is in your hands.

Safety Note: Make sure to carefully check the hammock and standing desk manufacturers’ website and product information in relation to weight limitations and safety recommendations. You’ll need to make sure the standing desk and hammock you buy are compatible and won’t lead to accidents or injuries.

Gym Bunny Stand-up Desk Hack

3: Gym Bunny Stand-up Desk Hack

Get summer-ready by adding a mini self-motored treadmill under your stand-up desk. Work off those extra pounds and tone up your lower body as you take part in Zoom calls, catch up on work and respond to clients. This energetic standing desk setup is a great way to combine your daily gym workout and save yourself time in the long run. Make sure to have plenty of fresh water to hand as you walk and work throughout your day.

Safety Note: Always take frequent breaks between walking and working to take the pressure off your knees, lower back, and joints. Ideally invest in a height-adjustable standing desk that enables you to walk and work, and then transform into a comfortable seated position for the last half of the day.

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

4: Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

For all those powerful professional women out there, here’s a smart way to use your standing desk at home! By positioning your stand-up desk directly against a wall mirror you can double it up as a vanity table and use your desk to do your make-up in the morning, check your appearance before a Zoom call, and practice facial exercises as you work from home. You’ll be surprised at how many times you tense your face, frown, and raise your eyebrows while looking at a screen. Having a mirror opposite your workspace will help you become more aware of your expressions and help protect you from premature aging as you work. Being fully aware of your reflection can also help you identify when you need to take a break, if your skin is starting to break out from stress and if you need to drink more water during the day.

Home Office To Movie Night

5: Movie Night at Home Office

If you got little space at home, you can use a height-adjustable standing desk as your home office during the day, and then transit it into your cozy lounge - after hours. With no need for a bulky office chair, since you’ll be working while standing up, simply readjust the height of your desk when you’ve finished work for the day and you can use your computer screen to watch a movie and relax. All you need for this smart space-saving setup is a comfy sofa opposite your standing desk and some seriously good snacks to compliment your movie night experience.

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