Are Standing Desks Good for You? Benefits of A Standing Desk

Are Standing Desks Good for You? Benefits of A Standing Desk

Are standing desks good for you?

Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Too much of a good thing is never a good idea!

When it comes to ergonomic office furniture, not all office desks are made equal. Some desks force you to sit and work for hours at a time, causing discomfort in your lower back and neck pain. Other desks are designed to be used standing up, leading to hours of pressure on your knees, ankles and feet.

Having a balance, through a height adjustable standing desk is key! Being able to change your working position from a seated position to standing up and working will unlock the vast benefits of a standing desk. If you already have a standing desk that you can’t switch back into a sitting desk, consider taking breaks in between work to rest your feet and reduce tension around your ankles.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a standing desk in order to answer the question; Are standing desks good for you?

5 Benefits Of A Standing Desk

1: Combat Obesity

Working hard and being productive can come at a cost to your physical health. While buying a stand up desk won't replace exercise or working out, they are a great way to burn calories and tone up while at work. Studies have found that compared to sitting down, a standing desk helps towards weight loss and prevents unnecessary weight gain in an office environment. If you are used to working sitting down, you’ve probably experienced that sluggish feeling after sitting down for several hours at a time. Plus if you’re always tempted to snack while working, a standing desk will help you to burn calories without even thinking about it.

2: Reduce Back Pain

Many professionals complain about upper and lower back pain, and this all comes down to the number of hours you sit down at your desk. The more time you spend in a sedentary state, the worse it will be for your body and back. To alleviate back pain while at work, invest in a height adjustable stand up desk. Many studies have found that employees with long-term back pain reported a 30 percent improvement after switching to a standing desk.

3: Lifts Your Mood

Mental health can hold you back or let your creativity flow. But did you know sitting down while working could be negatively impacting your mental health! That’s right, studies into the benefits of standing desks have found that after 7 weeks of using a stand up desk, participants reported less stress, a boost in energy levels and a brighter outlook on life in general. When the participants returned to their old desks, their new found energy and positivity dropped back down and their mood followed.

4: Boosts Productivity

Productivity is one of the major benefits of a standing desk. If you find yourself procrastinating throughout the day or struggling to come up with creative ideas for work, you need to make a stand when it comes to the way you work. Standing up for even a couple of hours a day and breaking up your workday routine can have a positive effect on engagement and productivity. A study carried out by the University of Leicester found that 52 percent of people using a stand up desk reported feeling more engaged and excited to work after a year of switching from a seated position.

5: Prevents Neck Pain

Along with improving back pain, standing desks are also considered to help ease tension and pain in the neck. When you sit down at a desk, it’s easy to slouch down or strain your neck forward to see your screen. However, if you are standing up, you will naturally take on better posture and this is how neck pain can be eased.

How Long Should You Stand Up and Work?

As we’ve previously mentioned, whether you’re sitting down or standing up, you need to move and change position. Experts are now advising people to take regular breaks throughout the workday to give their bodies a chance to recover from sitting or standing up. If you do have a stand up desk, take 15 minute breaks every hour or so and make yourself a coffee or sit down and take the weight off your feet. This approach will help you reap the benefits of a standing desk without putting your body under any additional pressure.

How Do You Find A Good Stand Up Desk?

If you are interested in purchasing a stand up desk, here are some key features you should look out for;

Adjustable height - choice when it comes to working is so important and will mean investing in one piece of ergonomic furniture rather than two.

Power - you don’t want to wait several minutes for your standing desk to switch to a seated position!

Silent or reduced noise - causing a scene in the workplace by adjusting your desk is a bit of a faux pas.

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