Key Differences Between Single Motor Vs Dual Motor Standing Desk

Key Differences Between Single Motor Vs Dual Motor Standing Desk

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Single Motor Vs Dual Motor Standing Desk

About to upgrade your home office with an ergonomics standing desk? Well, first you will need to decide whether to buy a single motor or dual motor standing desk. While both desks will give you the chance to enjoy the productivity benefits of standing up and working, there are some key differences you need to know. And since investing in ergonomic office furniture can be an expensive decision to make, you should make sure to do your research before the purchase. 

At WOKA, when it comes to ergonomic furniture, we are pround to say that we are experts, so we’ve put together a clear comparison between single motor and dual motor standing desks. So, once you’ve made yourself a cup of coffee, we can get started!

What Is A Single Motor Height Adjustable Desk?

Shopping online for a standing desk is a great place to start. While browsing through the wide range of standing desk designs available on the market, you might have come across the term ‘single motor’. Single motor standings desks, as its name described, has only one motor to oprerated the desk, helping you to switch from a seated position to a more modern and energetic way of working. By standing up and answering emails or taking part in a Zoom call while on your feet, you’re going to feel less lethargic and more focused and energetic.

What Is A Dual Motor Standing Desk?

Now let’s talk about dual motor standing desks. You might have guessed by the name already, that this design features not one, but two motors. The dual motor is typically located down both sides of the desk and this unique structure allows the standing desk to move more smoothly between heights.

Which Standing Desk Is Best For Stability?

When it comes to stability, standing desk operated by dual motor is the clear winner. Since there are motors on both sides of the desk structure, the weight is evenly distributed too, which makes for a more stable and balanced standing desk. However, having a more stable structure will mean paying more for ergonomic furniture.

Which Standing Desk Is Quieter?

Obviously, if you work in a quiet workplace, noise might be a big concern when purchasing a height-adjustable desk, and so a quiet motor will be a main selling point for you.

Single motor desks can sometimes be frustrating to move from their lowest height up to a standing position. Since the desk is relying on a single motor rather than two, it can take time for it to recline or rise, and if you’re in an office environment this can be annoying at times due to noisy mechanisms. Plus, time is money in business, and waiting for your desk to adjust its height can cause some professionals to lose their patience!

On the other hand, investing in a dual motor standing desk, means more power and enhanced performance. With two motors positioned down both sides of the desk structure, the weight is evenly distributed. This not only helps with stability but also creates a quiet and convenient mechanism. So if you want to change position without drawing attention to yourself, the dual motor standing desk is the clear winner.

What About Service Life?

A dual motor structure also means there won’t be as much lag as with a single motor standing desk, and two motors are far better for the inner drive rod. Basically, because there are two motors lifting the weight of the desktop, the lifespan of your ergonomic furniture will usually be longer, than a single motor standing desk.

When you consider the price of buying a new standing desk, sometimes it is far better to spend a little more in order to get something of high-quality that you’ll enjoy using on a daily basis. However, there are some things to bear in mind before making a purchase.

A dual motor standing desk won’t run with a single motor. So, if one motor unfortunately breaks, the desk won’t be able to function. While the dual motor standing desk design means double the power and performance, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a backup motor if one of them breaks, which is something many people assume but isn’t the case.

Now Let's Consider Loading Capacity for Single Motor Vs Dual Motor

A lot of people ask us whether a dual motor has better loading capacity than a single motor standing desk. The answer is Yes, but just a little bit! An electric standing desk's loading capacity is mainly impacted by its frame, the model of its motor, and the ball screw. The number of motors is just a minor influencer. Let’s compare 2 desks which have the same frame, same motor, and totally the same ball screw; the only difference is the number of motors. The result is, the desk with 2 motors have a better loading capacity than single-motor ones. In such a test, the single motor desk bears 165lbs, and the dual motor desk withstands 220lbs.

 dual motor stand up desk

Buy the Best Ergonomics Furniture?

Ready to treat yourself to an office upgrade? If you’re currently working from home, and are about to continue working remotely, now is a great opportunity to buy an ergonomics office furniture. At WOKA, we have made investing in dual motor standing desks more affordable than ever. Most dual motor desks on the market are over $400, but we have a stylish office solution for just $299.99 or $369.99.

If that’s still exceed your budget, we also offer standing desk converters from as little as $89.99. So why not explore our online collection of standing desks and standing desk converters here.

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