Tips for Decluttering Your Desk

Tips for Decluttering Your Desk

Tips for Decluttering Your Desk

For those who work in a corporate office or home office, the desk is like their battlefield. They get their job done, take a nap, eat a meal, or enjoy some entertainment all on their desk, so a clean and neat desk is essential to each of us. It not only improves our work efficiency but also makes our working environment more comfortable when we are in a good mood.

Firstly, we should know the purpose of organizing the desk, which is minimizing the time to find things at work while keeping the desk tidy. Decluttering your desk doesn’t mean removing everything from the desktop. It means you can find what you need right away during work and makes the desktop look clean. Let’s see what we can do to declutter the desk.

1. Throwing away useless things

Take everything out of your desk. Firstly, Put the things that you must use every day on the tabletop, like the computer, pens, notebook, mug, documents, etc. Secondly, Put the things you don’t use frequently in the drawers, such as stapler or scissors. If you don’t have a drawer, put them in a storage box or a carton under the desk. Thirdly, throw away the things that you don’t and won’t use.

office desk

 2. Placing a trash can near your desk

Things like expired documents or used pens are the enemy of a clean desk. The sooner you can dispose of them, the better. But if it is inconvenient to throw them away, you will forget to do it. Putting a trash can near the desk can make it easy for people to throw away without accumulating useless things.

 3. Putting things in a fixed place

For those things which you use every day, put them in a fixed instead of random place. For example, you can put your phone and mug on the left side, the computer in the middle, documents and notebooks on the right side. After you use them, remember to put them back in their original place. Next time when you need it, you can quickly find it without wasting time.


 4. Using some organizer

Making good use of organizers like storage boxes, storage bins or storage cubes can greatly help to organize your desk. To classify your documents, consider buying a file holder. It has multiple layers and each tier allows you to sort and organize them. Raising your monitor or computer with a monitor stand riser, which not only provides a more comfortable viewing but also has an additional place to accommodate your things.

file holder

 5. Organizing cables or wires

If there are a lot of power cables on or under the desk, it can look very untidy and sometimes hinders your work. Using some wireless accessories such as a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse can also reduce the chance of having cluttered cables. If you are using a monitor, buying a monitor mount is a good idea to organize the cables. Monitor mounts have integrated cable management, which enables you to run the cables through the arm without leaving them all on the desk.

monitor mount with cable management

 6. Creating a comfy atmosphere

Organizing the desk neatly and tidily is our goal, but it doesn’t mean that our desk has to be very boring. We can add some decorative items to make the desk look more unique. For example, framed photos, a small statue, or a funny coffee cup can make the space full of life and more like home.

 7. Making a personal organization plan

It is better to make some principles to follow. For instance, put the keyboard away when not in use, or throw away the notepaper after processing, etc. In addition, it is good to cultivate the habit of regularly organizing the desk, such as restoring the desk to its original state before leaving work every day or choosing a day each month (for example, the last day of each month) to organize all the drawers and documents. If you follow the principles you make, there is absolutely no problem in creating a tidy desk.

When you clean up and organize the desk, you will be surprised to find that your work efficiency is greatly improved. What you need to do is just a little bit of time, throw away the things you don’t need, and put the things you need in the right place.

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