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Electric Standing Desk for Home Office

Electric Standing Desk for Home Office

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This is a perfect standing desk that comes with a keyboard tray and lockable wheels. There are various colors and sizes for you to choose from and match your interior design. The 48'' rolling desk is designed for home office usage; The 55'' standing desk is a wonderful choice if you often work with more than 2 monitors. The height range of the desk is adjustable from 28'' to 48'', which is designed for people to sit and stand whose height is from 4'9 feet to 7 feet (150cm to 210cm).

Customer Reviews

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Cant Say Enough Good Things

I love, love, love this desk. I needed something to allow me to stand since I often work from home. It was very easy to assemble while very solid; it definitely requires two people to carry upstairs. I appreciate the option of rollers or adjustable feet. The transition to various preset memory positions are smooth and quiet. What an excellent value for the money! Im extremely pleased. Thank you for a great product!

Paula Evans

I love my new stand up desk!

Affordable & Sturdy

The adjusting feature works very well and smoothly. I can raise and lower my desk with my coffee mug and water bottle sitting on it without worrying about spills. I wasn't expecting it to be that smooth!I purchased the all-black model and it's heavy but sturdy. I'm very glad it has an option to install wheels, because otherwise it would be unwieldy!The keyboard tray is really underwhelming. It does not pull out enough. I've made due by removing my wrist wrests, but it can still be frustrating at times. I also prefer to sit to the right side of my desk rather than center, so I have my keyboard slightly overhanging the tray. This works fine but isn't ideal. People who prefer a center-setup should be okay.Some pieces were not packaged well, and I thought I was missing a screw. My partner found it loose in the box thankfully, but that could have been a catastrophe, especially since the box arrived damaged!!!Despite the keyboard tray issues and the packaging concerns, this was a great investment. I'm really pleased with the quality for the price. I work over 40 hours a week from home, and I'm enrolled in an online MBA program which is another 20 hours a week online. I'm so happy to get some standing time in during my 60+ hour work/school schedule!

Adrian Gerardo Miller

The desktop is two pieces this was NOT clear in the description at all.In general, not great quality.Wobbly, particularly when raised.Buttons/ lift and lower function is fine.All in all, dont think I would buy again, but I guess this is why its cheap (lower price = lower quality expectations).

Sturdy, modern-looking, high-tech desk standing with solid motor

This desk has proven the best new addition to my home in years - the standing desk motor makes it easy to switch halfway through the day from standing to sitting, and also to raise or lower the desk for a ZOOM call (so you're closer to eye-level with the camera). Recommend it highly, especially for the price!