Collection: Bed Table & Laptop Desk

Laptop desks provide another active workspace option. A lap desk or a laptop table for bed is portable so you can get your work done anywhere. 

Lap desks and bed desk trays make working from home so much easier. If you mostly work with a laptop and enjoy working in a flexible working environment, you will love a laptop table for bed. They are portable and foldable, meeting your various needs.
An adjustable bed desk raises your laptop and gadgets steadily in a proper position. You can also use it as a standing desk converter, to make your regular desk into a standing desk. 
A basic lap desk table for bed is a more portable and flexible choice. Combining a memory foam mattress with the bamboo tabletop, you’re in for a real treat. The firm foam gives comfortable support to your legs and the bamboo surface is nice and smooth. In the near future, WOKAMALL will develop various lap table for bed that are built with cup holders, mouse trays, and drawers.