WOKA 48"x24" Electric Standing Desk with Dual Motors Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk - Black
$369.99 from $269.99
  • + 2
WOKA 48"x24" Electric Standing Desk with Dual Motors Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk - Black
A Premium Ergonomic Electric Sit Stand Desk for Working From Home It is a fancy standing desk, but affordable If you are looking for an affordable electric height adjustable standing desk, you get it at WOKA! This ergonomic sit-stand desk provides...
$369.99 from $269.99
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WOKA® Ergonomic Dual Motors Standing Desk Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk 48"x24" - Black
An Electric Standing Desk That Takes Care of All Your Concerns What would be the top priority factors you care about when deciding to buy a sit-to-stand desk for your office or home office? Budget? Size and color option of the desktop?...
WOKA® 32'' Stand Up Desk Riser Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray
32" Portable Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray Take this stand-up desk riser for a home office, you can focus on your work anywhere at the most comfortable height and style.  Desk Riser with Keyboard Tray The desk riser is designed with...
$149.99 $91.99
WOKA 55'' Electric Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray And Wheels Large Height Adjustable Desk with Casters - Rustic Brown
This is a perfect standing desk that comes with a keyboard tray and lockable wheels. There are various colors and sizes for you to need your needs. The 48'' rolling desk is designed for home office usage; The 55'' standing...
from $299.99
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WOKA Electric Standing Desk on Wheels Height-Adjustable Desk for Home Office - Rustic Brown
from $259.99
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WOKA Electric Standing Desk on Wheels Height-Adjustable Desk for Home Office - Rustic Brown
Ergonomic standing desk on wheels A sit-stand desk brings an ergonomic lifestyle to you and is beneficial to your health. Many people are now aware that a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. Sitting in the office almost all day to...
from $259.99
  • + 1
WOKA 37.5'' Sit-to-Stand Desk Riser Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray
Large Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray Expand the space of your workstation, maximize the efficiency of your work with this large sit-to-stand desk riser. Convert your desk into a standing desk with a friendly budget. You will not regret investing in your work...
WOKA 28‘’ Standing Desk Converter Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Riser with keyboard tray - Brown
This compact standing desk riser, with a 27.4" x 16.5" desktop as well as a keyboard tray, can fit a smaller desk. With its small size and lightweight, it is portable and can be moved to different rooms in the...
WOKA 29‘’ Portable Stand Up Desk Converter for Laptop Compact Standing Desk Converter with Zero Assembly
This 29’’ stand up desk converter is especially suitable for a desk with a short width, because its base isn’t framed and can be adjusted along with the height adjustment. It has a lightweight and requires no assembly at all....
WOKA 32''/36’’ Large Standing Desk Riser Sit to Stand Desk Converter with keyboard Tray - Black
This WOKA large standing desk converter is a 2022 upgraded version. A large desktop in 2 sizes, a keyboard tray, excellent loading capacity, and 3 colors available make it stand out. Its performance improves, so does your work life. 32'' desk...
from $119.99
WOKA 31" Standing Desk Converter with No Assembly Required
WOKA 31" High-Quality Standing Desk Converter for Tall People This height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk riser is a good option for tall people who want to keep the traditional desk but sit comfortably with a friendly budget. Elevate your daily work life...
$109.99 $89.99

At WOKA Mall, we provide standing desks, standing desk converters, monitor mounts, and monitor stand risers to bring you a healthier and more productive experience for home use or office.

Electric standing desks with dual motors

A standing desk is also known as a stand up desk or a sit stand desk, which enables you to transit from sitting to standing freely. Nowadays, many of us sit in front of computers for a very long time. Over time, we can easily feel fatigue or aches in legs, shoulder, back or neck. Having a standing desk undoubtedly relieve us from these kinds of things. WOKA electric standing desk gives you an easy way to have an ergonomic workstation. Just by pressing the button, the stand up desk can swiftly raise or lower to your comfortable height. There are 6 finish colors to choose from, which are black, walnut, white, oak, mahogany and dark blue. No matter you are working from home or in the office, it can fit the decoration and give you a more flexible working experience. In our daily work, stand up for a while after sitting for a long time, and sit for a while after standing for a long time. By doing so, our blood circulation can be promoted and therefore we will feel less fatigue and less aches.

Height adjustable standing desk converters

A standing desk converter is also a stand up desk converter, a sit stand desk converter, or a desk riser. Unlike the standing desk which will need us to replace the whole desk, we don’t have to abandon our existing desk to be ergonomic by using a standing desk riser. Just place the stand up desk converter on the normal desk, the desk becomes height adjustable. WOKA sit stand desk converter will come with the desk converter and keyboard tray (some models don’t have it), making it very easy to assemble and use. The double X and gas spring construction distribute the weight and keep the desk stable all the time, which means even the desk is filled with your stuff, you can always adjust the height by pressing the handle. A standing desk converter is an affordable solution to a standing desk and an ergonomic workstation. If you are limited on budget or are not intend to buy a new desk, it is a budget-friendly and great choice.

Full motion monitor mounts

A monitor mount is a great addition to your workstation no matter if you are using a standing desk, a standing desk converter, or a normal desk. It can declutter and free your desk by hanging up the monitor or computer. Normally, monitor mount has three kinds, which is single monitor mount, dual monitor mount, and triple monitor mount. The single monitor arm, as the name suggests, can hang up one monitor. Since there is only one monitor being installed, the articulating arm can be fully swiveled, tilted, and rotated, giving you the full motion experience. The dual monitor arm allows you to place 2 monitor displays. With 2 monitors side by side, you don’t have to switch the window frequently, greatly improve your efficiency. Moreover, it also has multiple combinations for you to choose, placing your monitors at portrait mode or landscape mode freely. Heavy duty triple monitor arm can support up to 3 monitor screens, helping you to save up your desk space greatly. Monitor desk mounts are indeed the life changer for working or entertaining. Besides the monitor arm, there is also freestanding monitor stands. A monitor stand can hold a monitor on the desk without any assembling, which is also a good option to an ergonomic workstation.

Adjustable Monitor Riser and Laptop Riser

Computer monitor riser is turning popular for a variety of reasons. A monitor stand is purpose-built to elevate your monitors to eye level and ease your neck & back pain. In the meantime, it generates extra space underneath the monitor.
At WOKAMALL, we offer various monitor risers. A wood monitor stand is affordable and provides enough organize space; An acrylic monitor stand is transparent and can be used as a keyboard shelter; A metal monitor riser is adjustable and sturdy when placing heavy monitors on it; A laptop riser is portable, adjustable, and designed with a cool shape. Adding a monitor riser to your desk, making small changes to improve your overall wellbeing and productivity.

Portable laptop desks

If you mostly work with a laptop and enjoy working in a flexible working environment, you will love a portable lap desk or laptop bed tray desk. A lap desk allows you to put your laptop on your lap, and you can work or study in the couch, on the warm floor or on your bed. Lifting your laptop to a proper position when you work or study and making it comfortable for your thigh. If you like to work on your bed during work from home, having a foldable laptop bed tray desk is favorable. It can be adjusted in height and tilting, which is easy to find a comfy position. Besides a laptop, you can also place some stationary to work more efficiently. When you are not using it, you can fold it up to save up space.

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